National legislation
Purpose of the National Action Plan The NAP represents the tool constituting the basis for a series of common policies and directives for the implementation of UNSCR 1.325 (2000) used by the institutions of the national defence, public order and national defence system of Romania, as well as other central administration institutions with responsibilities in this field.

Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

In order to ensure the efficient implementation of the national action plan, all activities will be monitored and evaluated. The main objectives of NAP evaluation are: - provision of information regarding the implementation at the national level, for internal analysis as well as reports for international organisations monitoring the implementation of UNSCR 1.325 (2000); - evaluate implementation efficacy; - increase the efficiency of Romanian institutions concerning the implementation of UNSCR 1.325 (2000) and the enclosed resolutions. The monitoring of the implementation of the provision for NAP will be provided by the National Implementation Group, which includes representatives from the following institutions: Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romanian Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunication Service, Protection and Guard Service, National Agency for Equal Opportunities between women and men and National Administration of Penitentiaries. The National Implementation Group will cooperate with and invite for specific activities, representatives and experts of the specialised commissions from the Romanian Parliament, representatives of the civil society and of the academic sector related to the WPS field.



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MOD – Ministry of National Defense
MFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MIA – Ministry of Internal Affairs
SRI – Romanian Intelligence Service
STS – Special Telecommunication Service
SPP – Protection and Guard Service
NAEO – National Agency for Equal Opportunities between women and men
NAdP – National Administration of Penitentiaries
NFP – National Focal Point
NAP – National Action Plan
WPS – Women Peace and Security  
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
EU – European Union
OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
UN – United Nations
UNSC – UN Security Council
UNSCR – United Nations Security Council Resolution/Resolutions
GMO – Gender Management Office


UNSCR 1325 WOMEN PEACE AND SECURITY Assistance and recovery for ukrainean refugees in Romania

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